Lamont Taylor

Full Stack Developer


Front End
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Redux, Redux Saga
Responsive Designs
Flexbox, Grid, Bootstrap, Sass, Material
Back End
Node, Go
MySQL, PostgreSQL, Mongo
Source Control


I am a software web developer dedicated to creating responsive web pages and applications using JavaScript with React and associated technologies. I have a background of creating a range of online experiences from simple landing pages to interactive web applications. I strive to create software that is not only useful and intuitive for clients and consumers, but also maintainable and descriptive for other software developers and peers. My main coding language of choice for Front End is JavaScript(ES6/Babel), while using React with Redux. For Backend languages I have experiences of using Node with Express as well as Go.

I also have experience creating visualizations, processing real time data, consuming and creating RESTful APIs as well as working with Graphql, Jest/Enzyme, Mongo, SQL, Docker, AWS and other developer technologies. Although most of my experience involved working with web UI and a backend, I also have worked with React-Native and a host of other technologies and stratagies. Feel free to reach out to me regarding any tech stack. I am always expanding my knowledge of core languages and technologies and willing to learn more.


Crypto Stats

Provides live and historical information for cryptocoins. Users select a market, a coin and a conversion coin. This app returns visualizations based on that selection. Makes use of a D3/React library called Recharts. Used JavaScript with the React library and Redux for state. Also used the Redux saga library to handle side effects and process a live Websocket feed. Data provided by the cryptocompare API.

React, Redux, Flex, WebSockets

Quickr Image Search

This application provides image results based on user provided search terms. Images are returned using the API from Components were created using React ES6 modules . Responsive with a mix of Bootstrap and flex.

React, React Router, Bootstrap

Whats Out

I decided to refactor my previous project from AngularJS to React. With a few design changes, this was created using Bootstrap and Flexbox for design and responsiveness. It calls the API from and uses the resulting JSON to make Tv Show and Movie pages. This also features a search feature for each category and a dynamic front page on page refreshes.

React, React Router, Flexbox

Entertainment Search

This Entertainment search app was created with Yeoman AngularJS using the ui-router. It takes the API from and showcases popular and upcoming movies and TV shows. Inner pages feature a search option based on user input. CSS is used along with the Materialize css framework.

AngularJS, Materialize

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